Emergency Electrician Advice # 2:

It’s fairly obvious you need to call an emergency plumber when your lounge is a metre underwater. Or that you should call an emergency builder when your roof collapses. But when to call an Emergency Electrician isn’t so obvious, as it’s hard to tell if you have a major issue, or something that can wait till the cold light of day when a regular electrician can look at it.

After all, emergency calls outs – from any tradesperson – don’t come cheap and what if it does turn out to something minor? What that in mind, Hit The Switch would like to suggest three instances when you should, no MUST, call an Emergency Electrician.

#1 – Call an emergency electrician when water has damaged an electrical cable

Contrary to popular belief water is not a very good conductor of electricity…pure water, that is.

However, Melbourne tap water has enough ions, minerals and other solvents to make it an excellent conductor.

So if water has damaged your cabling, it can be extremely dangerous if re-energised.

Our advice is if you have wiring that’s exposed to water, switch off the power immediately and call us straight away.

Our emergency electricians will investigate the problem, fix it and give you the all clear.

#2 – Call an emergency electrician when you see or unearth exposed wiring

If you see exposed wiring, it isn’t good

As well as damaging the appliance or equipment it’s connected to, it can also cause severe or fatal electric shock, if touched.

There is also a very real risk of fire if the damaged or poorly insulated wiring causes the surrounding cable to burst into flame.

So always err on the side of caution and call us straight away.

NB. Dial Before You Dig is a free service that will let you know where all cables and pipes are situated, to lessen your chance of accidentally exposing wiring whilst landscaping, etc.

#3 – Call an emergency electrician when you see a smoking power point

Smoke is never good, especially when it’s emanating from an electrical socket.

Actually the smoke is the least of your problems, it’s what has caused it – for example a massive electrical surge or spike.

Rule # 1: Do Not even think about touching it.

Instead call Hit The Switch immediately on 1300 205 205 and our emergency electricians will be there ASAP to isolate the power, investigate the cause and fix the situation straight away.

Incidentally, as well as the smoke, you’ll also notice the pungent smell that always occurs when sockets begin to melt and char.

To sum up, in our experience we have found that most electrical problems are more of a nuisance than a danger, but how would you know?

What if you ignored the problem, and it led to a worst case scenario?

For total peace of mind, call a Hit The Switch emergency electrician on 1300 205 205.

We won’t turn an emergency into a drama, just fix your problem fast.

You might not need an emergency electrician at all.

Download our simple, safe D.I.Y Electrical Fault Finding Guide

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