Obviously, Electrical Equipment Testing & Tagging intervals are dependent upon specific environmental conditions and subject to a risk assessment, however as a general ‘rule of thumb’, following is what should be tested and tagged by a Commercial Electrician and how often.

Hit the Switch are experts in Commercial Repairs, Maintenance and Installation, so here’s some helpful tips when it comes to electrical equipment testing & tagging for Aged Care Facilities.

Test & Tag every 6 months…

Power tools, kitchen equipment, vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, and carpet steamers in workshops, commercial kitchens and maintenance facilities.

Test & Tag every 12 months…

Portable electrical equipment found in staff rooms, lounge rooms, staff kitchens, laundry, hairdressers and other rooms where the equipment or cord might be open to abuse. This equipment includes such things as toasters, kettles, microwaves, irons, hair dryers, laptop computers, power boards, surge protectors, extension cords, phone chargers, heaters & fans, radios, CD players, hand tools, and night lights.

This also includes specialist equipment including physio and podiatry equipment, electric chairs, and the like.

Test & Tag every 24 months…

Personal electrical appliances such as reading lamps, fans, electric blankets, radios, clock radios, and other equipment that might be found in residents rooms and common areas.

Test & Tag every 5 years…

Fixed location equipment used in low-risk and non-hostile environments such as offices where there is no cord flexing in normal use and the equipment is not open to abuse.

This includes such things as desktop computer equipment & peripherals (monitors, printers, leads, hard drive, etc), photocopiers, shredders, fax machines, commercial fridges, washing machines, dryers, and other fixed industrial equipment.

For more information about Electrical Equipment Testing & Tagging in an Aged Care Facility (or any other commercial venture such as a Restaurant for that matter) or information and advice about any commercial electrical problem you may have, call Hit The Switch on 1300 205 205 or simply Contact Us

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