Electrical Safety Inspection

An Electrical Safety Inspection identifies old, degraded or incorrectly installed wiring and electrical equipment. It highlights aspects that can be extremely dangerous, resulting in fire, injury or even death. Every year houses and commercial premises are burned and unsuspecting people are electrocuted as a result of all too common electrical faults. A regular electrical safety inspection conducted by the qualified Master Electricians of Hit The Switch can help avoid these hazardous situations. Getting a safety inspection is particularly important for those who have just purchased a home or business… particularly an older home.

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A pre-purchase electrical safety check is crucial

When you first take possession of your new property, you cannot be sure that the wiring is up to current standards or that electrical equipment has been properly installed and maintained. Overloaded circuits, old fuse boxes, degraded wiring and even improper use of power boards and extension cords can cause accidents and fires at any time.

A full electrical safety inspection from Hit The Switch offers protection for everyone. It will identify any fire or electrical hazards, and highlight repairs or upgrades required to ensure your peace of mind. Our safety inspection service includes the following and more:

  • Inspect and assess switchboard
  • Test circuit breakers
  • Test safety switches
  • Inspect existing electrical cables and connections
  • Check for proper earthing at light fittings
  • Inspect light bulb wattages
  • Inspect and test main earthing system
  • Test existing smoke alarms and replace batteries
  • Assess and inspect power points and sockets
  • Assess and inspect light switches
  • Assess existing electrical installation of cables in roof space
  • Inspect and asses insulation around down lights
  • Assess outdoor power points and lights

Full Electrical Safety Inspection Report

Once a thorough electrical safety inspection is complete, we will issue you with a full report on the quality and condition of the wiring and electrical systems in your home or business. This report will highlight all problem areas that have the potential to cause fire or electrocution and include photos of any hazards requiring attention. Anything that presents a critical risk will be dealt with immediately, and a full written quotation for any recommended works will be provided before further work is undertaken. Your safety is our number one priority. We recommend you have your home or business inspected every two to three years to ensure the protection of your family and friends, staff and customers. Call Hit the Switch today on 1300 205 205 for more information on our safety inspection services to ensure that your home or building is protected from electrical risks.

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