Like all types of businesses, Electrical Services for Clubs and Pubs can present a unique set of challenges.

If you run a pub or club in Melbourne – particularly in the eastern suburbs – you need a Commercial Electrician that can turn up on time, every time, and get the job done smoothly without disrupting paying customers, charging a small fortune, or having to come back next week to fix mistakes.

You need Hit The Switch.

We are proud to be specialist Commercial Restaurant Electricians for clubs and pubs because we know that time is money in the hospitality industry; if something needs fixing, it needs fixing fast.

The last thing you need is all your ovens out of action at lunchtime, TVs on the blink in the middle of a big game, or a bank of poker machines lying idle in peak hour.

Our Master Electricians have the experience to perform small or large electrical jobs at RSLs, sports clubs, hotels, conference centres and more.

The scope of our work ranges from general maintenance, repairs and installations right up to full refurbishments.

We are more than just a good Commercial Electrician we will go above and beyond the expected to make sure your hotel or club’s electrical systems are operating in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

On top of that, if a job is integrated with other trades – as is so often the case in the hospitality industry – we’ll work in with your construction schedule and keep you informed of what stage the electrical work is at.

Our electrical services for clubs and pubs include:

Hit The Switch can also perform comprehensive electrical audits at your pub or club. This will help you conserve power, prevent leakages, pre-empt potential problems and uphold safety standards.

When it comes to electrical services for clubs and pubs – safety in your venue is paramount.

As Master Electricians, Hit The Switch are sticklers for safety; your staff and guests’ safety is always our number one priority.

We strictly follow all standard operational procedures (SOPs) and best practice risk management principles to ensure your patrons can sit back, relax and enjoy the facilities you offer them.

As busy kitchens and gaming machine rooms can’t be isolated, there is a lot of ‘live’ work involved, but rest assured we wear appropriate clothing, plus personal protection equipment such as lab-tested gloves, and never take risks.

“If you want your venue to be safe, efficient and professionally maintained and avoid unexpected electrical problems, contact Hit The Switch today. I personally guarantee you will be impressed with our value, the calibre of our work and our service.”  Steven Puyol, Hit the Switch Director

For more details about our expert electrical services for clubs and pubs in Melbourne, give us a call on 1300 205 205, or simply contact us.

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