Electrician Whitehorse

Hit The Switch Electricians serve Whitehorse with fast service and high quality workmanship. We have more customers in the City of Whitehorse than any other area of Melbourne. It is our home base, our community, the neighbourhood that we know best.

Homes and businesses alike from Box Hill to Burwood, and Vermont to Mont Albert know that Hit The Switch Electricians are their local experts in electrical installations, repairs and maintenance.

Too often customers are left waiting for hours for an electrician to arrive from the other side of town. Being close by, Hit The Switch can be in Blackburn, Nunawading, Forest Hill or Mitcham quickly and without fuss. Whether you are in the north or south, east or west of the City of Whitehorse, you know that Hit The Switch are close by and able to help – day or night.

For first class electrical repairs and emergency electrical work, call us today on 1300 205 205.


Blackburn Electrician 3130
Blackburn North Electrician 3130
Blackburn South Electrician 3130
Box Hill Electrician 3128
Box Hill North Electrician 3129
Box Hill South Electrician 3128
Burwood Electrician 3125
Burwood East Electrician 3151
Forest Hill Electrician 3131
Mitcham Electrician 3132
Mont Albert Electrician 3127

Mont Albert North Electrician 3129
Nunawading Electrician 3131
Surrey Hills Electrician 3127
Vermont Electrician 3133
Vermont South Electrician 3133