The Ultimate Electricians Extended Warranty

Most Melbourne Home Electricians and Commercial Electricians offer you some form of warranty on their workmanship, but Hit The Switch has gone one step further. Right now we are offering you the ultimate electricians extended warranty: a free one year’s warranty on all parts used when we perform any electrical service.

This can involve everything from installing a new electrical socket right up to a complete house rewiring.

Available for both residential and commercial clients, this free 12-month extended warranty is in addition to any manufacturer’s warranty that you may have been offered, and of course it won’t affect any consumer guarantees as stipulated by the ACCC.

How can we offer you such an amazing new warranty, and peace of mind?

For a start, Hit The Switch only uses top quality products and materials – not cheap and nasty imports.

We purchase only from leading companies such as Rexel, Middy’s and Lawrence & Hanson who have been around for a long time and have forged a solid reputation for safety, quality and dependability.

Furthermore we regularly visit the Energy Safe Victoria website to read their latest updates and ensure that there have been no product recalls, or safety issues.

It’s important to do so.

Who could forget what happened in 2014 when an estimated 13,000 Australian homes were fitted with inferior electrical cables that proved faulty, and downright dangerous.

Quality products installed by Master Electricians

Not only do we buy top brand electrical products, but our Master Electricians install them safely and professionally.

We don’t rush things, or take shortcuts that could jeopardise your safety, and we get it right first time every time.

The result is total peace of mind, and one less thing to worry about.

Furthermore, while we are performing the task at hand we’ll also check other things – like insulation that has become prematurely brittle – and let you know if we think it needs replacing.

Read all about Hit The Switch’s exclusive new 12-month extended electrical warranty now.

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