Don’t be fooled by the vast array of garden electrical products at Bunnings and other hardware stores. You don’t need to be licenced to buy them, but you definitely need to be licenced to install them (with the exception of 12V garden lights, solar lights, pond pumps, etc).

Fortunately Hit The Switch, Melbourne’s best outdoor lighting electricians, can help you with every type of Small Job on your garden lighting wish-list.

There are many reasons for needing garden lighting.

You may want to make your landscaping look awesome, or highlight an established tree, textured wall or water feature, or perhaps make your front yard or back yard safer.

With summer approaching you’ll no doubt be spending more time outdoors making the most of those balmy evenings – and professionally installed garden lighting will help you enjoy the evenings for longer.

Extension cords just don’t cut it; they are obtrusive, unprofessional and unless specifically designed for outdoor use, downright dangerous.

While we’re on the subject of safety, never be tempted to use indoor lighting outdoors…this is a recipe for disaster, shorting out the power and continually tripping your safety switches.

But why D.I.Y when Hit The Switch can supply and install everything from hard-wired fairy lights for a soft, romantic feel, to lighting and adding power to an alfresco dining area, patio, balcony or deck.

Decorative Garden Lighting

Nothing makes a statement with your landscaping like contemporary garden lighting.

If you want to brighten an outdoor eating area, or highlight a recessed window or doorway, decorative wall lights could be the way to go.

They are available in a wide range of styles, and are as practical as they are attractive. For example, you can get wall lights with attached hoods to reduce glare and create a softer ambience.

You can also use spotlights and in-ground up-lights to highlight rippling ponds, cascading water features and prized plants and garden ornaments.

Hit The Switch will help you establish a terrific atmosphere, and create an engaging and pleasant look and feel for your family, friends and visitors.

Whichever type of garden lighting you decide on, we recommend you opt for external LED lights.

Not only are they far more energy-efficient, but they will last much longer than traditional incandescent or halogen globes. This is an important point, because external lights are often left on for long periods, particularly on balconies and patios.

There is also an option to install half-lighting and garden lighting set on a timer to help you get more enjoyment from your garden without running up a huge power bill.

Garden Lighting for Safety & Security

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, garden lighting can make your outdoor areas safer by marking out areas and reducing the risk of an accident caused by a lack of light.

Things such as in-ground lights, bollard and post lights can help to illuminate pathways and garden beds at night, so you won’t:

  • step on a rake
  • walk into the edge of a deck
  • stub your toe on your way to the garage, or
  • trip over a garden gnome while taking your bins out.

With public liability being a such major factor these days for homeowners, you should do everything you can do to avoid a preventable accident and lighting unsafe areas would be a great start.

Sensor Lights

Modern sensor lights not only increase the safety and security of your outdoor areas, but they are also extremely energy-efficient. As they only come on when someone is nearby, they conserve power; there’s no need to turn a switch on or off.

LED motion sensors are an excellent burglar deterrent. It is obviously much harder to break into a home and remain unnoticed when a property is lit properly.

It would take a very brave intruder to stroll across your front lawn bathed in light.

Sensor lights are a viable way to increase your home’s security without spending a fortune on highly sophisticated alarms.

How to Plan Garden Lighting

Like everything in life planning is crucial. That’s why it’s important to involve your electrician as early as possible.

Hit The Switch will help you work out what you would like and then create a plan to turn your great ideas into reality. We’ll start by drawing a rough plan of your garden, highlighting:

  • where you would like the lights to go,
  • what wattage you require for different areas,
  • where the transformer/power will be located
  • distances for wiring, and so forth.

We’ll then help you choose the type and style of lights you require, bearing in mind that transformers get more expensive the bigger they get.

If you choose the brightest globes and have a number of lights in your garden you may require a larger, more expensive transformer with a higher wattage.

Next step is to calculate the size of the wiring involved, be it light duty wire for LED systems and medium-to-heavy gauge for halogen garden lights. NB. The distance to each light from the transformer and the number of lights in the garden all have an effect on the size of the wiring that is required.

After that, we’ll work out what connections we’ll need to connect the garden lights to the main wiring from the transformer.

For more information and advice about Garden Lighting – or to arrange a quote – please call Hit The Switch on 1300 205 205, or simply click here to contact us.