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How to Find a Great Electrician

Looking for a good electrician? Why stop at’s how to find a great electrician, one that ticks all the right boxes – quality work, a commitment to uncompromising safety, value for money, excellent service and trusted advice.

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In Australia we’re very fortunate when it comes to a Home Electrician, Commercial Electrician and other tradespeople. Our tradies are extremely well trained and work to some of the world’s highest standards. Take electricians for example. Victorian “sparkies” are all fully qualified and registered electrical contractors, with their licences stringently monitored by Energy Safe Victoria, the independent technical regulator responsible for electricity, gas and pipeline safety in Victoria. However you should never take things for granted – always ask to see qualifications, licences, and public liability insurance documents.

Even though all electricians are fully licenced, it doesn’t mean that they are all of the same calibre. The quality of their work – more importantly, the pride they put into their work – and the standard of their service varies considerably.


Of course, it is perfectly natural to simply look for the lowest price – we all do it, because no one wants to find out down the track that they’ve paid too much. If you receive a super-low quote, the alarm bells should be ringing. Ask yourself WHY their quote is so low. For example, will they:

  • rush the job?
  • cut corners?
  • allow inexperienced apprentices to work unsupervised?
  • stick to their quote?
  • claim that the cost of the service is on TOP of the quote?
  • skimp on important things like public liability insurance, or
  • use inferior products such as cheap imported electrical accessories instead of a proven brand like Clipsal? 


Also ask for a detailed written quote (like the ones Hit The Switch supply) so you know precisely what you’re getting and so you can compare quotes on an ‘apples V apples’ basis if necessary.

With your family’s safety at stake, the last thing you want is someone underquoting and then working DOWN to the quote. NB. If you do go with a cheap electrician, make sure you receive a Certificate of Electrical Safety for all work done...just to be on the safe side. Instead of price, what you should look for is value – and that takes everything into consideration, not just the bottom line. Therefore, the first thing you should look for in a great electrician is presentation. If the electrician who turns up to quote is dressed shoddily, and if their van looks shoddy, what sort of work do you think they’ll do? On the other hand, if they’re well-presented and take pride in their appearance, there’s every chance they will take equal pride in their work. First impressions count and you have to feel good about the tradesperson and feel comfortable engaging their services.


Let’s face it...a power point is a power point is a power point and even an apprentice electrician would have the skills to install one. But it isn’t just robotic skills that are important, it’s WHO you are working with. You want someone you can trust to be there for you, someone who understands your concerns and frustrations, and can roll up their sleeves and solve your problems. We are all human and even the best laid plans can go astray. That’s why it comes down to communication.


If we give you a time, it will be a specific time, not “sometime between Noon and 5pm”. We can be more specific, because we are local electricians, so we won’t have to travel right across town in busy traffic to reach you. If we do happen to be inadvertently running late, we will phone you and explain exactly why, and let you know how long we will be delayed. Or re-schedule at a more convenient time for you, if that window of opportunity has closed. Plus, we will communicate with you from start to finish, so there will be absolutely no miscommunications during the project. We appreciate your business, value our relationship, and check that you are 100% happy with the work.


“I am really happy with Hit The Switch’s service. Very good pricing and great work. Highly recommended to anyone who needs an electrician. Thanks guys.”

Paulitofm (True Local)

Any tradesperson can say they do great work, but how do you know for sure? By getting genuine recommendations and legitimate references from independent third parties, especially recent past-customers. If they have had a positive experience with an electrician and are so happy with the workmanship and level of service that they take the time to write a review, that’s a pretty good endorsement. After all, a proven track record is a fairly strong indication that they really are a great electrician. If you are having other trades done at the same time, for example you’re replacing your kitchen and speaking to your plumber, ask them if they have heard any bad reports about your intended electrician.

For larger projects, such as house rewiring and switchboard upgrades, it would not be out of the question to ask for the name and number of a few recent clients, so you can get a first-hand recommendation.

Incidentally, Hit The Switch has an embarrassment of testimonials which you can read on our Reviews page, or at True Local. For more information about what to look for in a great electrician, click here to contact us or call 1300 205 205 and speak to Steve. After all it takes one to know one.

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