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House Rewiring
You may need your house rewiring done, if your home or building is more than 60 years old. You should consider having your wiring inspected in your house, the older the building, the more important this becomes. Old, outdated or deteriorated wiring can be extremely dangerous and you should get your house rewired to prevent a real risk of fire or electrocution at any time. Even if the worst doesn’t happen, old wiring and fuse boxes can cause significant power fluctuations that can damage your expensive electronic and computer equipment.
Why you need to choose rewiring
The hidden danger is that most of the wiring in your premises is hidden away in the roof, walls, or under the floor where you can’t easily see it. Although the materials and techniques used in the original wiring of older buildings was considered the best available at the time, many are now dangerously out of date. Rubber or cloth wrapped cables and even metal conduits are still commonly found in roofs and walls of Melbourne homes. These types of wiring are extremely dangerous and should be replaced immediately. They present a clear risk of fire and electrocution so this work should only be attempted by a professional.
Porcelain fuses? A sure sign you may need your home rewired
The biggest telltale sign is an old style fuse box with porcelain fuses – a sure sign of old wiring. These should be replaced with modern circuit-breaker style switchboards to reduce the risk of fire and electrocution. Not only are these switchboards safer, they make it far simpler to restore power when a fuse is tripped. No more hunting around in the dark for the right kind of fuse wire and a screwdriver – just a simple flick of a switch to get the power back on. If you think you have a wiring problem in your building call Hit The Switch today for a complete wiring assessment.
Other house rewiring issues
If you find that fuses are blowing frequently, or that light bulbs don’t last as long as they should, then there is a good chance that your wiring is sub-standard and needs replacing. Lastly, if you see any cabling that is coated in black rubber, or wrapped in cloth you should call Hit The Switch to arrange an inspection as these present a serious risk. Metal conduits with cabling inside are the most dangerous of all. If you see these, do not go near them and call us immediately for advice.
Arrange a house rewiring assessment ASAP
Don’t risk it. If you have any question, or any doubt at all about the wiring in your home or business, call Hit The Switch today and we will assess the situation for you. A complete rewire may not be necessary, but if it is, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. Rewiring your home or business can protect you, your family, your pets, your staff and the building itself.
Call Hit the Switch today!
Hit the Switch are experts at business and home rewiring. We will assess the current state of your wiring and suggest any necessary work and upgrades. Rewiring is also the perfect time to add extra power points or lights, upgrade to hard-wired smoke detectors (which may soon be compulsory in all Melbourne homes) and install surge protection devices. Our qualified electrical technicians will suggest the most appropriate upgrades for your premises and complete the work with a minimum of fuss and the usual Hit The Switch attention to detail and safety.

Call us now on 1300 205 205 and you’ll soon have one less thing to worry about… just like some of our past and present happy customers.


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