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LED Lighting backup

With power costs rising all the time, and increasing environmental concerns, now is the time to switch to more a more energy efficient lighting system – LED.

Hit The Switch can install a range of beautiful modern new LED light fittings to your home or business that will reduce your power bills and save you money in the long term. Many of your existing light fixtures could be upgraded with LED bulbs, saving you even more.

Save money, Save the Planet

Although LED lights can be more expensive to install initially, their dramatically reduced power needs quickly make up the difference. LED lights last a lot longer than standard incandescent or CFL globes which leads to a significant saving over the life of the globe.

Today’s modern LED lights use up to 60% less power than ‘Energy Saving’ CFL lights, and up to 90% less than standard incandescent globes. This means greatly reduced energy bills and far less carbon emissions for the same amount of light output. You can save money and help protect our environment with a simple lighting upgrade.


Old fashioned Halogen downlights can be extremely dangerous and are the cause of many fires in Australia every year. Halogens, like incandescent and CFL globes, produce heat – and in the case of halogens, vast amounts of it. When used in a ceiling mounted downlight, the hottest part of the light is inside the ceiling where it is exposed to, tinder dry dust, insulation and dried leaves that have found their way into the roof space. This is what causes so many fires.

LED lights by comparison are cool to the touch. The secret of their efficiency is that they convert most of their energy into light, not heat. Many older types of lighting actually produce more heat than light – wasting energy and creating the potential for disaster.

One of the smartest, safest decisions you can make to protect your home or business premises is to upgrade your old halogen downlights to cool, safe LEDs.


LED lighting fixtures are available in a wide range of styles and finishes to compliment any décor – from modern to traditional. They can be dim-able to allow you to set the mood you desire and come in either cool white and warm white colour tones to suit a variety of applications.


From a simple upgrade to the downlights in your kitchen or a stylish system for your garden and pool, right through to a complete re-fit of the wasteful lighting in your commercial building, Hit The Switch can install an LED lighting solution to suit any need.

For more expert information and invaluable tips about LED lighting – or to arrange a free quote to have your kitchen lights installed – call the friendly, ever-helpful team at Hit The Switch on 1300 205 205, or simply click here to contact us.

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