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Reconnecting Power? You MUST read this

If your house or apartment has had its power switched off for a year or more, this is the most important news you’ll ever read before you consider reconnecting power.

It isn’t a matter of just turning the power back on and away you go.


The law in Victoria states that you (or your landlord if you are renting) must arrange for a licensed Home Electrician to conduct an Electrical Safety Inspection. This involves inspecting and testing the mains connection as well as all electrical appliances before reconnection can take place.

The reason for this obviously are the inherent safety issues.

Appliances such as stoves that have been left unattended could be affected by dust, damp, mould, mildew or corrosion, and cables may have been attacked by rodents, exposing the wiring and making them extremely dangerous.


The solution is to call a Master Electrician such as Hit The Switch...especially if it is an older Melbourne home.

We will visit your premises and systematically verify all electrical components. As part of our inspection process, Hit The Switch will:

  • Ensure all appliances are safe, have not been tampered with, and are in proper working order
  • Report on appliances that aren’t safe
  • Check for damage to plugs, leads and casings to ensure that there are no live parts that could electrocute someone or start a fire.
  • Test electrical wiring, socket outlets, switches, safety switches and smoke alarms

If everything checks out, we will issue a Non-Prescribed Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) and submit it to Energy Safe Victoria for approval. Then, and only then, can reconnection take place.

Incidentally, some insurance companies also require an electrical inspection and safety certificate, so check your home and contents insurance policy before reconnecting.

For total peace of mind, we recommend that safety checks be carried out on appliances from time to time, say every two to three years.

For more information or advice about reconnecting power, or to book our service, call Hit The Switch on 1300 205 205 or simply contact us.

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