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Smoke Alarm Installation Melbourne
Are you considering Smoke Alarm Installation in Melbourne?

Many older homes and businesses in Melbourne are still connected to the mains power supply by an old-fashioned fuse box with porcelain fuses. These types of fuse boxes – also called Federal Boards – are way out of date and do not meet current building codes, in particular Australian Standards (AS3000). Not only have all the components become brittle, with loose cable connections and ‘hot spots’, but they also present a very real risk of fire and a vastly higher danger of electrocution than modern switchboards.

Installing smoke alarms saves lives. It’s that simple. But smoke alarms are only of benefit if they are installed properly, well maintained, and you get the right smoke alarm for the job in the first place. Many people aren’t aware that when you sleep, you lose your sense of smell, so you will not be woken by the presence of smoke. This is why smoke alarms are so important. At night when your family is sleeping, they are the only reliable indication you have that there is a fire in your home.

Which Type of smoke alarm should you get installed?

Not all homes are the same, and not all smoke alarms are the same. There are two main types of smoke alarms, and they respond differently depending on the situation. Some are better for fast burning fires while others are better for slow, smouldering fires. We can recommend the best option for your home or business. Smoke alarms need correct installation in the home to work effectively. There are many ‘dead air’ spaces in every home where smoke will be slow to travel to. Proper placement of smoke alarms is essential for quick activation in the event of a fire.

Hard Wiring Helps. We strongly recommend that all homes install hard wired smoke detectors – and in fact they are mandatory for all new homes. A hard wired smoke detector draws power from the mains so it is always on, and has a battery backup to protect your home during a blackout. This is much safer than battery-only smoke alarms where the battery is the only source of power. Hard wired smoke alarms can also be wired together so that if one alarm detects a fire, all of the alarms will sound at the same time. This ensures that everyone in every corner of the home is alerted before the fire has time to spread.

Smoke Alarm Installation is not a luxury, it’s essential!

Do it today. You never know when disaster might strike. Call Hit The Switch on 1300 205 205 today for a quote on installing the safest possible system of smoke alarms for your home. It might be the best decision you ever make.

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