Surge Protector Installation can save your valuable appliances

Surge protector installation will give you peace of mind, as like most others in Melbourne, your home or business probably has many expensive appliances and computers that are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in power. As you may be aware, computers and televisions are the most at risk and can be expensive to repair or replace should they be damaged by an unexpected power surge.

Having a surge protector installed in at your switchboard will protect your whole building and all of the appliances in it from electrical surges. These surges can happen during a lightning strike, or as a result of downed power lines, power station or transformer failure, and even sudden changes in power usage in your area. Severe surges can not only damage sensitive equipment, but they can create a fire hazard in your home or business.

Surge Protectors give you peace of mind & can save you needless expense

The price of a surge protector is only a fraction of the replacement cost of just one major appliance, but once installed, will provide round the clock protection to your home and business forever. There will be no need for cheap, unreliable ‘surge protector’ power boards and adaptors as every electrical outlet, light fitting and major appliance in the home will be safe from damaging power fluctuations – indoors and out.

With the modern home rapidly moving towards ever-increasing reliance on expensive and sensitive electrical devices, protecting them all from damage could save you a lot of time, money and inconvenience.

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