Upgrading switchboards in an old Melbourne home is just as important as rewiring one.

This is because technology has moved on since the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s when the house was originally built.

As you’ll see when you download our Electrical Safety Compliance Checklist, both the wiring system and the switchboard weren’t designed to handle the massive amount of electrical appliances we use today such as:

  • computers
  • wide screen TVs
  • home theatres
  • central heating
  • home air conditioning
  • power tools
  • dishwashers
  • dryers
  • pool pumps and spas
  • security systems and so forth.

Therefore, the old system can very quickly become overloaded and either shut down, or heat up (and you definitely DON’T want the latter!)

The qualified Home Electricians at Hit The Switch can make sure your home is compliant, safe, and more than capable of handling all appliances running simultaneously, so you won’t have a problem if ever you want to sell it. 


A lot of people think they are one and the same, but they are two totally different devices.

If you’re confused between the two, just remember that:

  • circuit breakers need a higher electrical surge before they blow, whereas
  • safety switches are far more sensitive.

In other words, circuit breakers save property…while safety switches save lives!

One of the biggest issues with older-style homes is that it may only have circuit breakers, not safety switches.

Even as you read this, new laws are coming in to make it compulsory to have a safety switch dedicated to each individual circuit. So for many people, this means upgrading switchboards.

The new combination safety switches and circuit breakers (RCBO) will make this easier.

RCBO’s protect single circuits from shorts, overloads and electric shocks, so that any problem is confined to that one circuit and won’t affect the circuits for the rest of your house.

‘Nuisance tripping’ won’t be such an issue as each circuit will have its own individual circuit breaker safety switch.

An excerpt from the Electrical Safety Compliance Checklist:

“Safety switches and circuit breakers are located in the switchboard, which should be securely fixed to the house, with no visible signs of damage or deterioration. Nearby there should be at least one ground rod, or other approved means of earthing the electrical service.

All electrical panels should be neat and tidy. If the house still has old-style fuses, they are safe provided they have the correct size and type of fuse, however consider having them replaced.”


The bottom line is this.

Today’s safety standards are far higher than those of even 40 years ago, so if you are thinking of buying an older Melbourne house, or selling, we strongly recommend you call us to ease your mind.

As we say in our Electrical Safety Compliance Checklist: Hopefully everything will be done prior to you purchasing the home, however never assume that it has been.”

The only way to be 100% sure that the electrical wiring, switchboard, circuit breakers and safety switches in an older-style home are legit and aren’t a risk to you and your family is to get us to perform a thorough electrical inspection.

To give you an idea of costs, depending on the size of the dwelling, this could cost somewhere between $380* (+ GST) to $680* (+ GST)… which is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

For more information and advice about upgrading a switchboard in an older home, call us now on 1300 205 205 or simply click here to contact us.

* Ballpark figures only. All prices subject to site inspection.