In the interests of providing you with the best local electrical service possible and helping you make informed decisions, Hit The Switch has created this frequently asked questions page.

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It is made up of recent questions we’ve been asked together with our subsequent answers, and will obviously grow over time.

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I Live In Footscray. Do You Do Electrical Work In My Area?

Yes and no. To serve our local customers better and to respond quickly to callouts, we normally service inner Melbourne and the Eastern Suburbs as we are based in the Box Hill area. However as long as your electrical job isn’t urgent, we will quote on work in other areas…within reason. And if we can not assist you, we will put you onto someone who can.

Do You Do Air Conditioning?

Yes, we are qualified air-conditioning installers. We specialise in split system air conditioners (also called wall air conditioners) and can supply and professionally install all the top brands at very competitive prices.

I Notice You’re A Master Electrician. Does That Mean You’re Expensive?

No, it means we’re good. Accredited Master Electricians are recognised by their peers as being both skilful and knowledgeable, so you can rest easy knowing that your job will be done right.

I’ve Just Bought A House That’s 50 Years Old. Does It Need Rewiring?

Not necessarily. We normally say that houses over 60 years old may need rewiring, but every case is different and it’s best to err on the side of safety. Even if there’s no apparent danger, old wiring can play havoc with your computers and devices. Call us and we’ll put your mind at rest.

I Just Need Some New Power Points Installed. Is That Too Small A Job For You? (I’ve Got A Basic Idea Of What’s Involved, I Could Maybe Do It Myself)

No, we do large jobs AND small jobs, it’s all part of the service. And definitely do not even THINK about doing it yourself. It might look easy, but you could get electrocuted, start a fire and make your insurance null & void.

What’s The Difference Between A Safety Switch And Surge Protection?

Safety Switch: Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and detect a problem that may pose a risk to personal safety and turn the power off within 0.03 of a second.

Safety switches always have a test button and 30ma printed on them. They are also sometimes labelled with the words “safety switch”.

Surge Protector: Surge protectors are diverters that protect your property from voltage surges such as those resulting from a lightning strike. The surge diverter captures the voltage spikes in the wiring that would otherwise be transferred into the equipment within the property. The main difference is Surge Protectors do NOT act as safety switches for personal protection against electric shock.

Should I Change My Lights to LED?

The LED down lights we stock have a longer warranty, up to 3 years. They are bright (800 lumens) yet dimmable. They can also reduce your maintenance costs, and can save up to 80% off your lighting bill.

Furthermore, LED down lights are not a fire hazard. They emit low heat compared to your average halogen down lights that emit a high heat that can burn your skin to touch. Heat, over time breaks components down and causes fire.

This is why LED down lights are strongly recommended.

What Type Of Smoke Alarm Do You Recommend?

Photo-electric: detect visible smoke and slow smouldering fires. They are suitable for most locations including near kitchen as they are less prone to false alarms from cooking. Ionisation: detect particles of smoke from fast flaming fires. All fire services in Australia recommend photo-electric smoke alarms when installing or replacing existing smoke alarms.

For additional protection consider installing interconnected smoke alarms connected to 240 volt mains power.

Should I Replace My Old Fuse Box With A New Switchboard?

Yes if you have an old fuse box it needs to be upgraded because like most things when they get old, they become brittle, cable connections become loose and there is no safety protection devices to protect you, your kids, family/friends, animals and appliances from electric shocks.

When you get us to upgrade your fuse box, we upgrade it to meet the rules and regulations of AS3000. This means that your new switchboard will have the appropriate circuit breakers and safety switches, and be free from any loose connections which can start a fire.

The dangers of old fuses boxes (also called Federal Boards) Because the old fuse wires can be easily removed from the board, people have in the past changed the fuse wire when blown and have incorrectly replaced a fuse wire with a higher rating that doesn’t protect the cable from burning and starting a fire.

Screws that make the connections with the existing wiring to the rest of the house in the switchboard are often loose causing hot spots between the cable and the fuse. Over time, these will cause a fire.

Old fuse boxes are not fitted with safety switches or protection devices.

New switch boards are safer because: The new circuit breakers with the correct circuit breaker rating are installed (which is hard wired) – there is no fuse wire to replace.

Safety switches are installed which stop people from being electrocuted.

No hot spots because everything is new and tight.

I’ve Never Used Your Services Before. Could You Supply Me With Some Names Of Former Customers, So I Can See What They Have To Say?

Of course. In the meantime, please have a read through some of our Customer Reviews.


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