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Emergency Light and Exit Light Solutions

Emergency lights and exit lights are critical in any commercial building to direct occupants to safety when there is a fire, blackout or other emergency.

Emergency lights – preferably LED emergency lights – are also required to be installed in enclosed common areas of residential apartment buildings including hallways, stairwells, carparks and foyers.

There is a minimum standard applicable to all Class 6 buildings over 100m2 constructed after July 1 1994 requiring the installation of emergency lights and emergency exit signs that are compatible with AS2293.1.

Additionally, Australian Standards require that all emergency exit lights are properly maintained every six months.

This applies to bars, cafés, restaurants, shops and other commercial premises.

Even if an Australian Standard does not apply, your insurance company may require emergency lights and exit lights to be installed.

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Installation and Maintenance of Emergency Lights & Emergency Exit Lights

The professional team at Hit The Switch can install a complete emergency light | exit light system in your commercial premises or apartment block.

We are well versed in all applicable Australian Standards to ensure that systems are up to code and meet insurance company requirements.

We will work with the building facilities manager or body corporate to suggest the best system for your premises, and we will tailor an ongoing maintenance schedule to keep the system running reliably.

All emergency lights, exit lights and battery backups will be checked and any problems rectified immediately to ensure long term hassle free operation.

Furthermore, every maintenance visit will be logged and faults recorded for your records.

Inadequate emergency lighting puts the safety of all building occupants at risk, and could lead to expensive fines or rejected insurance claims… which is why we recommend the longevity of LED emergency lights.

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We are Dedicated Commercial Electricians in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs

We offer commercial electrical services for the following business types:

  • Body Corporates
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Clubs
  • Retirement Villages
  • Facilities Management Companies
  • Builders
  • Bakeries
  • Retail Outlets
  • Wholesale Outlets
  • Architects
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Professional Practices
  • Shopping Centres
  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food Outlets
  • Franchises
  • Gyms
  • Schools
  • Service Stations

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